NEO Price Prediction 2019

What is NEO?

NEO is the very first Chinese cryptocurrency that was created in 2014. At the time it was called AntShares and only in 2017, during a major rebranding, the name was changed to NEO. The blockchain that NEO uses allows developers to create smart contracts and digital assets. The original creator of smart contracts is Ethereum so it is of no surprise that now NEO is not only referred to as the “Chinese Ethereum” but it also jeopardises Ethereum’s place at the crypto market. ChangeNOW, the leading instant cryptocurrency exchange, forms a NEO price prediction, based on market info and other analytical projections.

NEO Price Prediction 2019

Repeating the success of Ethereum, NEO, however, has several advantages that promise a better gain on the market. First of all, NEO  is approved by the Chinese government and that has made the coin the most popular currency in one of the biggest (by both scale and number) crypto communities. NEO value is measured with the government’s trust. Secondly, NEO offers a tool, smart contract, as a payment confirmation without any need of a third party for businesses. Such a thing is not going to be outdated soon. Because of that, most NEO forecasts agree that it is a coin for long-term investments. The great example of it was an immense growth that NEO saw in half a year between July of 2017 and January 201 – no joke, from $6 up to $180! After that, the global crises in the crypto market hit every coin out there and NEO, unfortunately, was no exception.

As of right now, the price of NEO coin is at approximately $9. Most predictions give the idea that the coin will return and overcome the previous benchmark by July of 2019. Annual Antshares price prediction report is full of plans to make the platform even more accessшble for developers and most analysts tend to agree with with the idea that it will guarantee a steady growth of NEO cryptocurrency price market position.

However, we mentioned that NEO is a currency most suitable for long-term investments, so the commгnity is much more interested in NEO coin price predictions for 2020 and even NEO forecast for 2025. It’s always difficult to analyse that far ahead but the market experts carefully predict 50% growth per year. NEO coin market cap page makes more wary price predictions but they predict positive growth nonetheless.

As a summary, analytics generally agree that in 2019 NEO has good potential to grow up to $20 in 2019 and predictions for later years stay positive. Even the conservative estimate price for NEO future doesn’t go below $150 in 2020 and $355 in 2023.

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