Monero Price Prediction 2018

Monero price prediction 2018

In 2018, Monero price has gone through lots of change periods – from the very height of $356 in March to today, when XMR is trading for an average of $60. Sure, the main factor speeding up the price growth for Monero is the anonymity. Many users out there are looking for an anonymous coin option to perform their transactions. The forecast for the end of the 2018 calendar year is currently around $650 – the goal seemingly unachievable from lows of the collapsed crypto market. Things get even more exciting for the anonymous coin – the long-term prediction (for the period of five years) states, that the price of XMR can reach $2000. There is one “if” in the story of the Monero price rapidly growing. The positive scenario is only possible if the coin manages to sustain its anonymity. Basically, the popularity of Monero, as well as Monero value relies on the currency’s privacy policy. Hence, if XMR somehow loses the ability to make the user information private – it will most certainly lose the community support. We hope that does not happen, though.

As we can see, Monero future price hugely depends on the possible regulations from the governments and the ability to maintain anonymity. However, this all is a long-term projection talk, we never actually know what kind of laws are going to be released or if the currencies are going to change their concept and course. The short-term forecast is most definitely bullish – an anonymous crypto coin with a big community has lots of potential on the current market.

As a summary, ChangeNOW can state that keeping yourself updated with the latest XMR news and keeping your hand on the pulse is the best option for traders now. You can never know when this anonymous coin is going to make a big leap – the potential is clearly there.

What is Monero?

Monero is a cryptocurrency launched in 2014. XMR is open-source and is focused on private transactions. The technology used in Monero allows users to make details of every transaction anonymous – the addresses, users and sums transferred can be hidden from the public eye. Usually, the transaction details convey the identity of senders and receivers, Monero, however, uses ring signatures and stealth addresses to confuse the system and make this information private. The focus on anonymity makes Monero very different from other popular cryptos (such as Bitcoin, for example), where the data is stored on the public ledger.