IOTA Price Prediction 2019

The development team of IOTA has a lot to offer in 2019. The network has partnered with Volkswagen – a big step for a crypto company. IOTA’s community members are very optimistic about the future of their favourite crypto coin, but what are we actually about to experience? IOTA itself has been recently only associated with its automobile industry partners. Is there actually more the currency than some successful partnerships of the project with the industry leaders? ChangeNOW, a leading non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange, is pondering on IOTA future value and analysing the market in this article, making a IOTA price prediction as a result.

IOTA predictions

Currently, IOTA is quite popular. Bug collaborations have made the network known in the crypto community and boosted the interest for the coin. IOTA coin value hugely relies on the interest in the Distributel Ledger Technology. DLT has various use cases and it useful for many industries. As we can see, even BMW and Volkswagen become interested in the blockchain technology.

The value of IOTA’s native as a digital asset has not, however, been so impressive lately. Despite this, the market analysts and crypto specialists consider IOTA Miota a strong emerging coin. As they say, the future of IOTA crypto, as well as its price, is secured with some major crypto space events. Let’s take a deeper dive.

IOTA coin price prediction

As we always say, predicting the future of cryptocurrencies is a hard task. ChangeNOW, however, always makes attempts to compile the most valuable opinions and present them along with our own analytical projections.

Cryptocurrency prediction websites state that IOTA cryptocurrency price might reach $1.13 by the end of this year. Not a bad projection, to be fair. The long-term goal for IOTA value, in this case, would be somewhere around $2.40.

Other sources, including Long Forecast, do not think of IOTA’s future with such optimism. According to the source, IOTA coin may be at the level of $0.60 by 2020. Besides, Long Forecast even states that IOTA may be devalued next year. Hopefully, that will not happen, but it is truly hard to make accurate predictions in the cryptocurrency space.

Moving on to the other sources of crypto price prediction information. Smartereum considers IOTA a potentially prosperous coin. Following their scenario, iota future value will reach $38 in the five-year period. Sure, having such guys as Smartereum to believe in you is encouraging.  

IOTA cryptocurrency price, ChangeNOW prediction

First of all, ask yourself – how much is iota worth now? You will see the humble $0.33 at the time of writing. This is sure not a lot, but IOTA news always brings us something interesting on the side of collaborations and partnership. The technology underlying the coin is impeccable. IOTA community, too, is strong and supportive. What else can one wish for? We believe that time will tell what the future development of IOTA is going to be like. We at ChangeNOW currently believe that the price of MIOTA will steadily grow over the next couple of years. Most probably, IOTA is not one of the coins that are going to experience a sharp change in price. However, as the development is going further, IOTA’s potential will be recognised and the value will surely grow.