Ethereum Price Prediction 2018

Ethereum Price Prediction

We have seen a sharp decline in cryptocurrency prices by the end of 2018. ETH price drop, for sure, was one of the most feared in the crypto community. After the world has heard the news of Ethereum decline in November, many refused the holding strategy and swapped their coin to some other currency. However, the very last moments of 2018 seem to brighten up for ETH. The increase may be triggered by the HTC Exodus 1 phone (ready to be shipped in December) – the major point is that the phone is only supporting Bitcoin And Ethereum cryptos. Hence, the Exodus release may make more people convert and purchase ETH, making the cryptocurrency price increase.

We surely have already experienced the period of Ethereum price going up, and the experts stay optimistic in their Ethereum projections – some say, that despite the August and November falls, the price will reach $1200+ by the end of this year. The positive ETH price prediction is justified not only by the coin itself but by the blockchain technology and smart contracts based on Ethereum. The Ethereum-based projects are surely getting wider acceptance on the general basis.

If you have questioned yourself, why is Ethereum rising now, we believe that it can be justified by the market recovery and the start of the adoption process.

Ethereum Price Prediction 2019

Ethereum long-term projections for 2019 claim that the ETH price may experience major growth. ChangeNOW, too, believes that Ethereum will rise with a strong and solid capitalization in 2019 due to its mass adoption. Most probably, the year will start with a period of ups and downs, but later will stabilize, growing at a good pace.

As in any other case of predictions, we are here to say that telling the future is not an easy task. The crypto market is volatile and changes in prices happen, literally, every minute.

However, we can base our opinion on the thoughts of media portals and influencers. According to Finder, Ethereum will go ahead with a 112% increase by the end of 2018. Bloomberg, on the other hand, states that the cryptocurrency market capitalization dropping can indicate tightening of regulation and slow adoption. Hopefully, Ethereum will deal with the latter next year.

However, whether or not those scaling issues can be overcome remains to be seen, while there’s also the fact that there are plenty of alternative smart-contract platforms that will battle Ethereum for market share. Ongoing upgrades and continuing development are needed to help the platform rise to the challenge thrown down by the competition.

P.S. What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a decentralized platform running on the blockchain. The network can be used to create decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts. The native cryptocurrency of Ethereum – Ether (ETH) is a crypto coin fuelling the network.

Ethereum platform allows multiple cryptocurrencies to exist without having to create their own blockchain technology. So, if you put it in general words, Ethereum has two functions: compensating the mining nodes and paying people under the smart contract system.  

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