ChangeNOW Shares Insights in an Interview by SwapSwop

SwapSwop we celebrates 1 year from the moment they entered the market to simplify the life of users in a difficult business — the exchange of crypto assets.

Hi, we are SwapSwop, and my name is Kate. You may not know us yet, but we are a cool cryptocurrency exchange platform. Check us out on

Today we celebrate 1 year from the moment we entered the market to simplify the life of users in a difficult business — the exchange of crypto assets. Today we also celebrate 1 year of very close cooperation and informal communication with ChangeNOW. On this occasion, we became even more curious than usual and asked questions that interested dozens, and maybe hundreds of thousands of crypto users.

Swap****Swop (Kate): Hi, guys! Probably, this interests everyone most of all. How many of you are there? Are you a small team of 10-15 people or a big enterprise with 1000 and more people?

Change****NOW (Pauline): Actually, we're neither! We are by no means a tiny business, but we're not huge either – at the moment, the team is around 100 people, and we're planning on adding at least 20 more team members by the end of the year.

Swap****Swop (Kate): Systematic growth is always great! By the way, we are also looking for new employees. After the April update of our website, we will publish a list of positions that we would like to be closed by talented guys like you. Next, let's talk about the future. What are your closest and long-term development plans?

Change****NOW (Pauline): Right now our main focus is making the system faster, more scalable, and more reliable. The recent events have clearly demonstrated that there’s a lot of room for improvement, so our main focus right now is making sure all of our clients are happy. Can’t talk about long-term plans yet – we will keep announcing things as they come!

Swap****Swop (Kate): Your customer service is on point, and I’d like to highlight the work of your support team. It’s impressive! How many tickets do you process every day?

Change****NOW (Pauline): We do around 2500 tickets per week, that's around 350 tickets per day. The support team is expanding like crazy right now to accommodate the load!

Swap****Swop (Kate): Looks like a lot of work. Cool that you’re growing! By the way, do you plan on providing fiat-to-crypto purchases through your API?

Change****NOW (Pauline): As soon as we find a suitable provider who can help us with that, we'll hop on that like hotcakes, of course. We're on the steady lookout for one!

Swap****Swop (Kate): Moving on, what do you think about the social responsibility of a business? Do you practice it?

Change****NOW (Pauline): The social responsibility of a business is something you can interpret in a lot of different ways. We choose to see it as developing our ecosystem and accelerating the adoption of cryptocurrency as a means of exchange. So, from time to time we support the developers of coins that work on an open-source basis. Besides, the practice of helping those in need is very widespread among our staff – everyone does their best to support a charity.

Swap****Swop (Kate): Unfortunately, not everyone in the world is nice and kind. So my next question is, have you ever been hacked? Have any of your partners? How did it end?

Change****NOW (Pauline): We understand the importance of this question – it does have a direct connection to the integrity of our customers’ funds and private data. And we can safely say that we are one of the services that have never had any customer data and/or funds stolen or otherwise compromised in any way. 

Swap****Swop (Kate): Phew, good to know we’re safe with you! Speaking of partnerships, how do you motivate and help your partners? Do you plan on adding any new tools aimed at helping your partners? Please, tell us more.

Change****NOW (Pauline): Right now our partners can enjoy our fee discount program. Besides, we do our best to give our partners as much informational support as possible. We are also developing a new referral program to make sure more people can appreciate our service, but it’s a secret for now!

Swap****Swop (Kate): Now let’s talk global. Why, in your opinion, is SEC so aggressive with its cryptocurrency regulation in the US? What should happen for the SEC to loosen its grip? Are you planning on complying with the SEC regulations to provide your services to US residents? Are you planning on providing mandatory KYC for all your customers?

Change****NOW (Pauline): ChangeNOW has always respected the law – any law enforcement agency can reach out to us with an official request. However, making the user experience more difficult where it isn’t necessary is something far out of our scope of activity. We are very proud of our risk management system, so there are no plans on making the exchange flow more complicated; neither is imposing any further regulations upon ourselves.

We thank our colleagues from ChangeNOW for their time. Now we now know a little more about you, your jobs, the world, and all that stuff. We promise that we will constantly distract you from work in order to find out something new and interesting!

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