Bitcoin Cash SV Price Prediction 2019

Bitcoin Cash had a radical protocol upgrade (also known as Bitcoin Cash hard fork) on the 15th November 2018. As a result of this change, two new blockchains were introduced to the world – BCH ABC and BCH SV. Today, ChangeNOW will talk about Bitcoin Cash SV price prediction and will try to look at some of the events waiting ahead.

What is Bitcoin Cash SV?

BCHSV is an updated version of the original Bitcoin Cash. SV stands for Satoshi’s Vision as the main idea of this Bitcoin cash fork proposition was “coming back to the roots” and enabling the technical features similar to ones that BCH had back in 2017.

The main influencer on this side of the argument was Craig Wright, a businessman and computer scientist who is known as a major Bitcoin holder. This Australian entrepreneur was one of the leading figures of the still-ongoing Bitcoin Cash hash war – the epic resistance of two BCH community branches. According to Wright, smart contracts and other features proposed by the BCHABC team do not correspond to Satoshi Vision of cryptocurrency and BCHSV should be a coin used as a payment method and for exchange purposes.

The new crypto was quickly supported by the major exchanges and added to the list of supported coins.

BCHSV Price Prediction 2018

Sure, it is quite challenging to predict the future of a coin on such early stages. However, we at ChangeNOW do our best to provide our customers with relevant information on the market novelties.

NOTE: We base our review on influencers’ opinions and other market factors. Remember, that this is just a forecast, not investment advice.

Bitcoin Cash SV is a new coin with a strong supporting community. So, it is logical to assume that the appearance of BCHSV will attract the attention of users and followers which will lead to increased demand. Also according to the BCHSV community leader Craig Wright, the team will continue pushing forward – the hash war is not over yet, as Mr Wright declares.

However, as the general hype around the BCH fork dies out, we can already see the new cryptocurrency being at a decline. Overall, according to the crypto market analysts, BCHSV is about to stabilise at an $80 price point.

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