Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2018

The Bitcoin Cash hard fork that happened on 15 of November, 2018 became one of the most trending events this week. Not only the scandalous BCH hash war happenings around it but also the split of BCH into two opposing blockchains made this November day memorable for many.  Today, ChangeNOW will talk about Bitcoin Cash ABC price prediction after the BCH fork and will try to speculate on some of the events waiting ahead.

What is Bitcoin Cash ABC?

BCHABC was listed in Coinmarketcap before the official Bitcoin Cash fork – this coin is considered the direct successor of Bitcoin Cash (even though both currencies forked have gained parts of BCH price). The developers of Bitcoin Cash ABC proposed that the BCH network needed radical protocol changes to make transactions faster and the blockchain more efficient and universal. As you might see, the philosophy of this group differs quite drastically from the one of the original BCH cryptocurrency. This drastic difference in the opinions on how the blockchain should function led to a still-ongoing argument between the supporters of BCHSV and BCHABC. The main BCH ABC media force and influencer  – Roger Ver (also known as Bitcoin Jesus) who is already quite a controversial figure in the community, was involved in one of the most heated crypto camp leaders powerplays. The resistance of Ver and the BCHSV supporter and ideological leader Craig Wright kept going for weeks and still continues at a lower scale. However, hash war or no hash war, we still have two coins. BCHABC is available on major exchanges and growing its support base.

BCH ABC price prediction

Craig Stephen Wright’s email to Roger Ver

BCHABC Price Prediction 2018  

Let us look deeper into the data and see what factors may bring Bitcoin Cash ABC to the potential prosperity:

First of all, the ABC network itself is more versatile than its opponent. The developers of the chain think that cryptocurrency is not only a form of payment but also a great soil for non-cash transactions (smart contracts, in this case). With this, the functions of the network extend and make it more valuable for the users. Bitcoin Cash ABC is not trying to copy Bitcoin’s ideas but mostly strives to the likes of EOS and Ethereum. The novelty notions have brought the attention of blockchain industry pioneers who quickly supported the new currency and the team behind it. Besides that, it would be unreasonable not to mention the fact that ⅔ of all the BCH nodes use BCHABC software.

Those are the main factors that the user should consider before trading. Sure, it is hard to accurately predict the future of this coin, too little time has passed from the BCH hard fork. Now we can see that Bitcoin Cash ABC is trading at a higher price than SV, and, as the hash war is not quite over yet, this trend is likely to continue gradually. At the time of publishing, BCHABC has stabilised at the $227 point.